Will You Join Me In Prayer?

Jun 20, 2024

hands open in prayer above a bible

Author/Speaker Lee Strobel once said, “If God answered your prayers, would anyone new be in the kingdom?” 

There are so many things that a person can pray for.  I often find my prayers to be filled with selfish requests for me or my family.  “Could you heal this person, God?”  “Would you please bless me, God?”  “I’m really tired, God could you help to give me strength?” These are not bad prayers, but they don’t seem to completely understand the heart and reason behind our prayers.  We can pray for healing, blessing and strength but what we should really be praying for is God’s glory.  How can we bring Him the most glory?  Who can we share the gospel with that they might bring Him glory?  
I am asking you to add lost people to your prayers.  We have so many ministries that seek to reach people with the gospel message and my hope is that your prayers for the lost will result in them being welcomed into the kingdom of Christ.  Pray for the homeless that are ministered to weekly in Lucerne.  Pray for the hundreds of kids that will come to Vacation Bible School this next week.  Pray for our youth that are going to camp in a few weeks.  Pray for each person’s individual ministry to their neighbors, coworkers, friends, and family.  Join me in praying for our missionaries as they serve all over the world.  
Will you join me in praying for the lost? Pray that the sermons will be heard.  Pray that the conversations will be blessed and purposeful.  Pray that the outreach ministries would shine a light into people’s lives.  Pray that God becomes a priority to those that He does not yet matter to.  Pray that the Holy Spirit would be active in our lives and that fruitful living will be the result.  Join me in prayer!
-Pastor Paul